Children’s Illustration

Let’s Learn with Mowl & Piya

Series of educational children’s book for ages 3-5 to teach basic Korean words. Each book features a short story with 7 basic Korean words under a same theme, glossary and activity questions.  

Grandma Sulmoondae

A short comic based on the Legend of Sulmoondae which is the creation myth of Mt. Hanra located in Jeju island, Korea.

Hungry Snake
Tadpole and Froggy

A short comic based on the personal memory with the tadpole tank in the classroom.

Hainan Gibbon

A short comic to introduce challenges and efforts to preserve Hainan Gibbon.

On the Bus
Mowl and Piya dressed up as a Joseon's Queen and King
King and Queen
Starry Night
Banana Milk Jelly Bean
How to Clean Your Dirty Room

An infographic styled picture book guiding a step-by-step way to clean a dirty room.

Worm Jellies

Mock Jelly package design.

I Spy a Butterfly

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